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What separates Midwest Land Solutions from other land improvement companies?

We are dedicated to customer service. Simple as that. Our mission isn’t to do the job the fastest or make as much money as possible. It is to deliver a product that we are proud of and willing to stand by. If something isn’t up to the customer’s standards, we will correct the job so all is right, no questions asked. This business is built on a foundation of high standards and even higher morals.

Is Midwest Land Soultions a fully insured company?

Yes, all customers should be absolutely sure Midwest Land Solutions is fully insured. An insurance certificate, issued directly from the insurance company, will be presented before any job is started.

Does my estimate include hauling the debris to the landfill and the landfill fees?

Yes, every quote that is issued is all inclusive. This includes; all landfill fees, all trucking costs, and a detailed description of the services that will be provided.


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